I offer expert services in writing, editing and proofreading for books, company profiles, websites, reports, articles, press releases and text for cultural events.


Frequently Asked Questions


What subject matters do you deal with? 


I am conversant with a range of subject matters, from politics and art (visual arts, performing arts, architecture, film, theatre, classical music), to culture, food, and social issues.


What sort of editing do you do?


  • Substantive/Structural Editing: I offer an in-depth read of the material that takes into consideration your target market, how to promote your text, and what you want the text to achieve, and a way to restructure the text to fit that vision. This might involve significant rewriting and recommending new content. I will consult you to ensure we are clear on your goals and the tone of the message so I can rework the text accordingly. I will improve the clarity, flow and structure of the text, remove anything unnecessary or repetitive, and correct typos and grammatical mistakes. 

  • Copy Editing: I will review the text for logic, readability and flow, and in some cases rework sentences and paragraphs for clarity. I will also correct spelling, grammar and punctuation and weed out typos. 


  • Proofreading: I will finesse the text, preferably a text I already structure-or-copy-edited. This can mean a light final check for typos, layout and inconsistency. 

Throughout the editing process I will always consult you, so don’t worry! If you’re not sure what your text needs, drop me an email at lp@laksmipamuntjak.com and we’ll figure it out.

What languages do you work in?


Both English and Indonesian.


How can I get you interested in taking on a project?


Just send me an email with the following details about the work:

  1. an abstract of the type of text (annual report? company profile? art fair or literary festival promotional material? museum or art gallery caption and brochure?);

  2. its length (word count, character count);

  3. the sort of editing you need (substantive/structural editing, copy-editing or proofreading);

  4. deadline


Also, please attach an extract from the work (the first two pages will do). I’ll look it over and send you a price estimate based on your sample and specifications. If you like the sound of it, you can send me the rest of the work and I’ll take a closer look before sending you a confirmed or revised estimate. This will ensure I know what is expected of me and you know how much it will cost.

What text format do you prefer me to send you?


Send me your text in the following formats:


  1. .doc/.docx (Microsoft Word format)

  2. .rtf (Rich Text file format)


For longer text or manuscript please send in Microsoft Word format as .pdf is not conducive to elaborate editing.

What’s your experience with text?


I have published three novels, three collections of poetry, a philosophical treatise, a collection of short stories (another to be published later in the year), two works of translation, and five editions of a comprehensive and independent good food guide focused on the use of language in food writing. 

I have written for numerous local and international publications such as the Jakarta Post, the Jakarta GlobeTempo Newsmagazine, the GuardianFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Die Welt.

I have done editing and consulting work for numerous local and international organizations such as UNICEF, Assessments Group International, the National Museum of Singapore, Salihara Art Centre, Theatreworks and the Amsterdam-based The Prince Claus Award. I edited several Indonesian literary classics when I still headed the Modern Classics division of my family’s publishing company, Djambatan, and published and edited a number of books during my time as director of my own publishing company, Pena Klasik. 

I am also the co-founder of Aksara Bookstore in Jakarta.